BelsatFest: Awarding best and brightest

Our six-year being on air has also yielded fruit in the form of hundreds of documentaries and reports as well as thousands of think-pieces. A number of well-known TV personalities have brought their talent to light on our channel. This year we are going to set up a new tradition…

During celebrating our sixth birthday on December 10, 2013 the 2013 Belsat Awards in three categories (TV Personality of the Year, Film/Report of the Year and Story of the Year) are to be given; a special panel of judges having already been appointed.

10 news presenters and anchorpersons have been nominated for the award in category TV Personality of the Year .

A shortlist including eight works has been drawn up for category Film/Report of the Year, i.e. documentaries Cursed and Forgotten (directed by Antos Tsialezhnikau), Viasna (directed by Volha Shved), Bloody Flood. Unknown War of 1654-67, reports Khrushchyovki. Story of a Big Con, Tortuous Returning, the Forbidden Film, Alpinist and special project Zaleuski’s Report.

Two dozens of works are presented in category Story of the Year: news stories, spots, articles, etc. The most popular story published on will be specially awarded.

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