Subtle hint: Half metre-long pen waiting for Yanukovych in Vilnius

Ukrainian activists have organised non-trivial actions in support of signing the Association Agreement between the Ukraine and the EU.

It is interesting that such agreement has been really signed today but it is absolutely necessary to add that the act is only symbolic. Before the Eastern Partnership Summit a conference of civil society representatives was held; Oleksandr Sushko, a coordinator of the Ukrainian National Civil Society Platform, called on all the present to sign this symbolic document, which elicited applause from the audience. After the conference all the people who wanted to join had to stand in a line.

The Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine was to have been signed on November, 29 but a week ago the Ukrainian government put an end to all the preparations, which triggered mass protests in the country.

A group of Ukrainian artists held another symbolic action: they made a half-metre-long pen using hundreds of small pens. Their work is to be handed over to President Viktor Yanukovych who is participating in the summit.

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