Two Belarusians shot in Yemen

One is allegedly killed, the other is seriously injured. According to the unconfirmed data, they worked for the Yemeni Ministry of Defense as military instructors.

Gunmen on a motorbike shot the men dead in the south of the Yemeni capital as they were leaving the Amsterdam hotel, reported with a reference to the Russian Embassy in Sanaa. The injured person who remains in critical condition is staying in intensive care unit.

Today Russia’s embassy in Yemen has denied recent media reports that the two men were Russians working with the Yemeni army. Some Belarusian nationals are known to be holding contracts in Yemen; they might well be performing duties of military instructors in this country. Numerous Islamic terrorist groups have been up and doing in Yemen for the last few years: they have been fighting for creating an Islamic state there. To counter the militants’ aggression the Yemeni authorities have to turn to foreign countries for help.

“At the moment we are verifying the information [concerning the armed attack on two Belarusian citizens in Sanaa] and investigating circumstances of the incident,” Marya Vanshyna, Deputy head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s Information Department, says.

(upd) Andrey Savinykh, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, has confirmed that it is the Belarusian nationals who were hurt in Sanaa. The men did hold official contracts in the country, the official told news agency Interfax.

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