Candles on mass execution site

After all detentions during the Day of Remembrance of victims of political repressions civil activists did manage to gather and pay tribute to the fellow nationals who were tortured and killed by the NKVD-KGB in the 30-40ies.

October, 29 marks a sad anniversary of the execution of more that 100 Belarusian intellectuals, state and cultural figures: they were shot through their heads on the night of 29th/30th of October, 1937.

In the national memorial Kurapaty near Minsk people prayed to God for Belarus and for the souls of the departed; a sign in the form of a cross was opened. It was designed in memory of the plagued to death by chekists in Minsk NKVD prison.

It is a grim and unpleasant fact that he Belarusian authorities keep ignoring the problem of Kurapaty where the execution of peaceful population took place in Stalin’s period. The memorial was formally recognized a cultural and historical object but the Belarusian government closed eyes to road construction and electing an entertainment centre in the territory of it. Aliaksandr Lukashenka has never visited Kurapaty for 19 years of his presidency, which speaks for itself.

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