This must not occur again: purges in Belarus

The Day of Remembrance of victims of political repressions also reminds us of terrible events on the night of the 29th/30th of October, 1937 when more than 100 Belarusian intellectuals were killed in the NKVD prison. There were prominent writers, scientists, statesmen (Ales Dudar, Mikhas Zaretski, Todar Klyashtorny, Yanka Nyomanski, Mikhas Charot, etc) among them.

In Minsk and the neighbourhood a mourning marathon is to be held today on sites of mass executions of the 30-40-ies. The event starts at 11.00 near the entrance to the Kalvaria cemetery. Its participants are going to visit Loshytsa, Trastsianets, the Chalyuskintsev Park.

At 17:00 a meeting is to take place in Kurapaty where a memorial sign is expected to be opened. The sign in the form of a cross designed in memory of political prisoners plagued to death by chekists will be mounted from the direction of entertainment centre Bulbash Hall.

At 18:00 a communal prayer for the killed in the NKVD-KGB tortured chambers will begin. The organizers call all indifferent people to join, ideally on personal vehicles.

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