Student from Belarus threating Polish national security interests?

Pavel Yushkevich, a Belarusian-born, wanted to become a citizen of Poland. But Polish security services declared Mr Yushkevich a person constituting a hazard to the country.

His residence permit was annuled, but the Masovian aliens authority took a decision to recommit the case.

Pavel Yushkevich has lived in Torun for the last 10 years. He managed to obtain three university degrees and prepare a doctor’s thesis. Being actively engaged in student life the young man organized conferences, won several competitions and once became the best foreign student in Poland.

As his parents have Pole’s cards, Pavel decided to gain the Polish citizenship and in August, 2012 filed all the necessary documents. But a standard procedure resulted quite surprisingly: Pavel’s request was turned down in view of the negative characteristics provided by the Agency of National Security (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego). Mr Yushkevich is not aware of any details of the case because the data are confidential.

But the citizenship denial is not so very serious. According to the law a person posing a hazard to Poland must leave the country. Since his residence permit was annuled Pavel might be convoyed to the nearest border crossing at any moment. He is also prohibited from visiting Schengen states for five years.

Pavel’s case has evoked a wide response. Several Polish politicians have voiced their support to the post-graduate student; signatures are being collected in some country’s places.

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