Kastus Kalinouski in Hrodna

Hrodna youngsters have launched a campaign for national heroes’ attractivation.

Some 400 stickers depicting the image of Kastus Kalinouski have been pasted up in the city. Kalinouski was one of the leaders of Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian national revival and the leader of the January Uprising against the Russian Tsarism in lands of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

According to the organizers, they are going to design a special series devoted to our national heroes. They made an emphasis on their not belonging to any political party; their goal is to help Belarusian people know our history better, the campaigners said.

The action has been held in connection with the oncoming Heroes’ Day which is to be celebrated in the town of Svislach (Hrodna region) on October 27.


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