The Belarusian dictator made a racist remark about Barack Obama.

Lukashenka claimed that he deemed inadmissible the policy of the US leadership, which grounds the intervention into domestic affairs of other countries on the “right of exclusivity” of the American nation, Interfax reports.

He stated that in Minsk when giving an interview to a Kazakh TV channel 24KZ on the eve of his official visit to Astana.

“What kind of nation it is?”

“Look what they went as far as to say. The American nation, and I, as a historian, cannot understand what kind of a nation that is, has appropriated the right for the exclusivity of some kind. We have experienced this kind of exclusivity in the middle of last century, is cost 50 million lives”, – Lukashenka claimed.

The Belarusian ruler noted that “it is, to put it mildly, counterproductive to assign some exclusivity to yourself and substantiate the bombings of other states on that”. “This is very bad, as Putin rightly said, that this exclusivity is driven into the heads of Americans. They start, like it happened in Germany at some point, thinking that they are a special race, special exclusivity, and we (the USA) must put the world in order and fit everyone into our standards”, – he claimed.

Obama from poor environment

“Obama surprises me. Not so long ago black people were slaves in America, and now they claim some exclusivity. I never thought that a person, who originated from these poor groups, would be able to use such rhetoric in the world. This is inadmissible and extremely dangerous. By the way, it seems like our and your, and Russian democrats do not notice that…”, – he said.

Lukashenka also warned the US administration against a military intervention in Syria, having claimed that in that case “it will be so bad for everyone that they will wish it had never happened”.

“This will not end well. God forbid the Americans go there, like they went to Libya, and start bombing, it will be a catastrophe. When all the Arab arc flares up, they will wish it had never happened. Because Iran too will be involved in the conflict and other states, it will be very hot”, – Lukashenka claimed.

Supportin Russia

The Belarusian ruler noted that he thought of the war in Syria “extremely negatively not only as a president, but as a person”. “That is why we are very active on this issue, we openly express our position”, – Lukashenka said, having added that the Belarusian party in this case positions itself in the vein of the Russian policy. “We are categorically against that even a superpower intervened into the domestic affairs of this or that state under whatever slogans, killed, hanged the presidents. How many thousands of people were killed? What kind of democracy is that?” – he claimed.

He reminded that he has had “long-standing relations with Syria from the times of Hafez Assad”. “We are good friends with his son – the current president Bashar Assad. This is a very intelligent and decent person, very kind person”, – Lukashenka said.

We would remind that the authorities of the Western states repeatedly spoke of the possibility of a foreign military intervention in the case Damascus uses chemical weapon in the course of the civil war that had broken out in Syria in 2011. After the attack on 21 August, the victims to which fell some 1500 people, the USA claimed the intention to use military force against the Assad regime. The issue is currently being considered by the Congress. In the meanwhile official Damascus puts the blame for what happened on the rebels. The conclusions of the UN experts, who have inspected the site of the attack, have not yet been published.


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