Connection: Film starring Jude Law and Nicolai Khalezin

The first Belarusian-British film was screened today in London, Charter97 reports.

The film was directed by Vladimir Shcherban. Connection is a result of collaboration between the Guardian and the Young Vic. The screenplay was written by the Belarus Free Theatre and adapted for the British audience by playwright Laura Wade.

The film shows a meeting in a London airport terminal: a Belarusian, who needs a connecting flight to Minsk, meets Jude Law, who has just returned to England. The movie star try to help the Belarusian to find the departure gate for the necessary flight but the Belarusian receives a telephone call: after the rigged presidential election it is too dangerous for him to come back home. The film makes us dip into the atmosphere of fear, searches and arrests which was reigning in Belarus after crackdown of 2010 post-election mass protests.

The film stars prominent British actor Jude Law and head of the Belarus Free Theatre Nicolai Khalezin.

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