TV non grata: Belsat forbidden to cover even ballet

On September 5, 2013 a Belsat TV crew was withdrawn from the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet where ballet ‘Vitaut’was staged. The theatre administration became concerned and alarmed when our contributors started shooting questions at Culture Minister Barys Sviatlou.

It is interesting that cameraman Aliaksandr Barazenka and journalist Aleh Razhkou did register at the event well in advance. “While obtaining accreditation we faced no problems. But before the event it was emerged that our names had been crossed off the list. According to the Deputy Head, it happened because Belsat TV failed to be registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Mr Razhkou says.

“We were about to ask him about the performance, about the importance of staging historical plays <…> and literary works closely connected to our [Belarusian] history and culture. We also wondered why Sviatlou had decided to see the play,” the journalist explains.


To our deepest regret, Belsat’s representatives have to perform their professional duties without any registration. In April 2013 Belsat TV made another attempt to get a formal accreditation and filed all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But in vain: the Ministry’s officers refused to register its correspondent office in Minsk referring to Belsat contributors’ alleged law violations. It was the third time that Lukashenka’s regime had turned our application down.


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