Fundraising for arrested priest’s family

According to Hanna Shaputska, a coordinator of civic initiative ‘For Freedom’, money is needed for attorney fees and parcels to priest Uladzislau Lazar.

At a solidarity meeting a fundraising campaign has been launched by its organisers (the Belarusian Christian Democracy, civic initiatives ‘Christian Movement’ and ‘For Freedom’).

Church keeps silence

Dzianis Sadouski, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, said that some 4,800 signatures in support of the priest had been collected.

“I consider it as preparation for [the presidential election in – Belsat] 2015. They are mopping up all that still remains independent and strong. In Belarus Christian society is one of not numerous truly independent actors,” Mr Sadouski commented on priest Lazar’s arrest.

The politician criticised the Roman Catholic Church for slipping over the problem and called to collect signatures naer churches: “This action would make the Roman Catholic Church to state its view on the subject and influence on the authorities’ position as well”.

Spy mania

On July 26, 2013 Aliaksandr Lukashenka revealed that authorities had recently arrested an officer of a Belarusian intelligence agency who had supplied information to “foreign states” through representatives of the Catholic Church.

After his statement the information on the arrest of priest Uladzislau Lazar appeared in social media. According to unconfirmed data, he is being held in the KGB jail, but it is still unknown what Mr Lazar is imputed with.

In cases of conflicts with the authorities priests who come from abroad may count on diplomatic assistance. As priest Lazar is a citizen of Belarus his one recourse is the Holy See.


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