Belarusian rural tourism: what to expect?

The village of Valodzkava is located in Hlybokaye district (Vitsebsk region). Yuliya Buka, the hostess of set of country cottages “Rodny Kut” (“Native Shore”), lives on the land of her antecedents. Mrs Buka possesses 8 small houses; four of them are for visitors.

Authentic interior objects, kitchen utensils and household stuff have been gathered in the whole neighbourhood. The hostess can boast of a hand-made loft barn: such constructions do not grow on trees these days. There are also unusual stoves in the rooms and a Russian one in the kitchen. Having inherited a prized family recipe Mrs Buka is going to start baking rye bread. Most food served for guests is home-grown; there is a cow and a horse. Moreover, everyone stands the chance of picking mushrooms and berries in the forest that lies in the immediate vicinity.

“Please, come and realities of rural life yourselves, not on TV. They won’t be polished; there is a small village and its residents. One can come closer and see old women working in gardens in their own eyes. Of course, some do not do that because they want to get away from people,” Mrs Buka said.

It is curious that demonstrators for democratic elections in Belarus may stay here for free. Visitors from Poland, Russia and even the USA organise folk parties, weddings and concerts. Last year Rodny Kut welcomed 1100 guests; but the hostess does not hid the fact that despite their sounding promises the authorities provide little assistance to small entrepreneurs.


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