General star for ‘hero’ of silent protests’ scattering

Awarding a new rank seemed to be only a question of time – earlier Ihar Yauseyeu, a top police officer, who took the lead in putting down silent protests in the summer 0f 2011, was appointed to a general’s position. At the moment he heads Vitebsk regional Directorate of Interior.

On June 20, 2013 President Aliaksandr Lukashenka promoted police colonel Yauseyeu to the rank of general major.

In 2011 Ihar Yauseyeu was Head of Minsk community safety police. He is believed to have come up with the idea of suppressing silent protests when plain-cloth policemen caught protesters and passers-by in the streets, dragged them into cars without number plates and took to police stations.

It is particularly remarkable that after such ‘kidnappings’ Yauseyeu repeatedly made public statements that “there were no violations of law and order”. In its turn, the Ministry of Interior declined to answer on whose order the plain-cloth persons were acting.


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