Window to EU: lifting travel ban for Belarus’ FM coming soon?

The decision upon suspending visa restrictions concerning Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey has been already wrapped up, EP Deputy Head Jacek Protasiewicz told Belsat TV.

On June 24, 2013 the EU Council of Ministers is to consider the question. It should be noted that developing a decision does not necessarily mean that it will be ipso facto; one con is quite enough to turn it down. According to the EP Deputy Head, freezing visa ban is of significant importance so that the parties could enjoy the opportunity of holding official meetings and pursuing negotiations. Moreover, in this case the Belarusian party would stand the chance of participating November EaP Summit in Vilnius.

It is interesting that earlier Uladzimir Makey did not seize the occasion: he ignored the meeting of EaP and V4 Ministers group in Cracow being replaced by Alena Kupchyna, his Deputy. It is rumoured that the Belarusian President himself would like to be invited to the high-profile meeting.


More than 243 Belarusian citizens, including Makey himself, are currently subject to travel bans and the same persons plus 32 business entities are subject to asset freezes within the EU for their role in human rights violations in Belarus and support of the current regime. Uladzimir Makey was blacklisted while he was serving as head of the Presidential Administration. In his position Makey followed Siarhei Martynau, who was released from his duties inconnection with “his transferring to other work”. The latter was not included in the black list.


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