“Who blew up Minsk metro?”: journalist provides answer

Aleh Hruzdzilovich has presented his book “Who blew up Minsk metro?”. Well before the presentantion he was warned by Minsk Prosecutor’s Office. According to the prosecution officers, the author “disputes the results of investigation and justice of Belarusian courts” and also “spreads inaccurate information”.

Hruzdzilovich’s scrupulous analytical work on the act of terrorism in Minsk metro on April 11, 2013 gave rise to the book. The journalist has used the materials he collected during Kanavalau and Kavaliou’s trial. The both were found guilty in conducting the terrorist attack and sentenced to death.

The investigation does give the answer to the question in ts title, the author told journalist Valery Kalinouski. “The answer was obvious; I did not mean to provide it but while writing the book I obtained more and more new facts. I tried to take the place of a juror who has to return a verdict after listening to the rguments to the jury. Having weighed all the pros and cons I came to the conclusion that Kanavalau was guilty, which can not be said about Kavaliou. But the latter might well have known about what would happen,” the author stressed.

Nevertheless, as Mr Hruzdzilovich is against capital punishment he harshly critisizes enforcing the death sentence to two Vitsebsk-borns because. In his opinion, Kanavalau and Kavaliou should have been kept alive to study details of the case more deliberately.



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