Experts select best of musicians has appointed last year’s most successful albums. There are only two representatives of “senior” musical generation among them.

Zmitser Vaytsyushkevich was awarded in two categories: his latest album “Vayachak” was recognised The Best Album of the Year and the Best Belarusian-language Album. Vaytsyushkevich thanked for the awards and expressed his hope that blacklisted Belarusian musicians would have a possibility to freely perform as soon as possible.

‘Random Mood Jukebox’ created by Clover Club band won as the Debut Album of the Year, Palats was distinguished for his folk album, laurels for the best rock album belong to Akute.

Lithuanian music expert Karalis Vishniauskas was pleasantly surprised with the high level of contemporary Belarusian music. “Due to the situation in the country hard- and rock music was expected; but it turned out that Belarusians compose a lot of excellent musuc of various styles,” he said.

The experts have considered 67 albums of Belarusian authors, which touches record highs.


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