Bandarenka: Dictatorship understands solely language of power

But for the EU’s sanctions there would have been thousands of assassinated and disappeared opposition activists in Belarus, Zmitser Bandarenka, a former political prisoner and European Belarus civil campaign member.

David Kramer, Head of human rights organisation Freedom House, called on Washington and Brussels to introduce economic sanctions against Belarus. According to Zmitser Bandarenka, the US government should listen to Kramer’s voice because he visited Minsk as the U.S. Secretary of State’s aide and knows all the ropes here. Moreover, Kramer is one of the major players on the American political scene and a potential head of foreign service.

“Lukashenka’s regime is charged with kidnapping and assassination of political opponent, election fraud and unlawful seizure of power, tortures and repressions, corruption and traffic in arms and drugs, and that is why international community should react on such acts,” the former political prisoner stresses. At that, any ways of solving the problems are acceptable, he said.

According to Zmitser Bandarenka, David Kramer was the father of a sensible policy towards the Belarusian dictator, having put an end to Chavez and Lukashenka’s oil business. “At that moment the USA and Canada did impose economic sanctions against Belarusian Belneftekhim which are still in force,” he recollects.

According to the European Belarus representative, it is David Kramer who made the Belarusian regime release the political prisoners Zmitser Dashkevich, Andrey Klimau, Aliaksandr Kazulin. “It was Kramer’s merit; he knows that any negotiations with the regime bring nothing, but actions or a threat of sanctions make it respond,” Bandarenka said.

In his opinion, the Belarusian regime, like any other dictatorship, understands solely the language of power. There might have been thousands of victims if it were not for international community’s sanctions and harsh reaction.

“If there are Western sanctions, Russia will make attempts to set them off. If Russia wants to have its satrap Lukashenka in Belarus – let it pay for this pleasure,” Belsat’s guest said and added that Kremlin would not manage to constantly support dictatorships in Belarus and other countries of the former USSR. According to the oppositionist, after the Russian regim collapses Belarusians will breathe freely.


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