Downed Belarusian airlifter on market place in Mogadishu (photo)

Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov published photos of the Belarusian plane which was shot down in 2007. “It lies around on the pavement in a matter-of-course way. Some sellers are having a rest in the shadow of its wing,” the blogger reports.

The Illyshin Il-76 which belonged to Transaviaexport was brought down in Somali during its flight in the frames of the African Union’s peacekeeping mission. The airlifter was attacked when it was approaching the capital of Somali. In spite of the fire outbreak the flying crew managed to land the plane safely, there being no victims.

Then another airlifter was sent to take the load off the downed one. But Islamists shot it down as well, 11 people were killed. “The first Il-76 was gutted and thrown out on the road, now its location remains unchanged,” Mr Varlamov said.


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