Henadz Davydzka offered opportunity to watch Belsat TV

At the meeting with his would-be colleagues at the Institute of Journalism the head of the Belarusian National Television Company expressed himself in style “I never watched Belsat TV but forcefully condemn”. We are deeply concerned that the head of such a large media holding has no idea about his colleagues’ and/or competitors’ production.
As Mr Davydzka stated that state owned television journalists are low-paid because of “wars, Charnobyls and the lack of natural resources”, Belsat presented him a satellite dish and receiver.
We flatter ourselves that next time Mr Davydzka will not use words lightly. Unfortunately, security guards prevented our journalists from handing the gift over to the addressee personally, and they had to leave it at the guard desk.
It is worthwhile to say that Mr Davydzka should not be afraid of tax control: the cost of the equipment presented does not exceed the maximum allowed by law.
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