Welcome to Belarus: trip to jail

Three Ukrainian students who came to Minsk for an outing were detained and sentenced to ten-day arrest. The reasons for taking such a severe measure remain unknown.

They arrived in the Belarusian capital on November 15, 2012. But as the boys did not return home their parents sounded the alarm.

“Frankly speaking, when the children told us they were going to Belarus I was a bit anxious,” Anatol Valkouski, the father of a detainee, said. “But knowing my son and his friends well – they are course-mates – I gave my endorsement”.

To provide a glimpse of reality, the parents had to come to Minsk. The citizens of Ukraine found out that the boys were thrown to Belarusian jail. Police did not inform either their parents or the Embassy of Ukraine despite the fact that the arrested are holders of the neighbouring country’s passports.

“We were not allowed to see our children or talk to them as if they were malicious criminals. Only personal effects were handed over to children, none of food products was taken for them, even a note containing the words: “Son, we love you! Hold on!” was refused,” the parents said.

Belarusian policemen make the Ukrainians sign some documents and threatened with putting them to a ward full of criminals, the relatives revealed.

“What danger could the boys pose? They are normal young people who are eager to communicate with the same positive contemporaries,” Anatol Valkouski stressed. According to him, three boys are students of a prestigious higher educational institution in Kiev, they get high grades.

Yesterday the students got liberty and left Belarus.



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