LDPB: “Long live Belarus!”

The Liberal and Democratic Party of Belarus suggests that state officials should know the Belarusian language. The corresponding statement was adopted by the Supreme Council and the Central Committee of the party.
Over the course of its history the LDPB “has been contributing to the Belarusian sovereignty forming by all means available”. “Sovereignty is a sacred thing for every citizen,” the statement reports.
“It is high time we adressed to all and declared that the development and improvement of the native language is the main element of any state’s sovereignty and the only state ideology.
What are we talking about? We represent the country where state officials are not good at the native language or even lack a knowledge of it. It is urgent to adopt a law ruling that any state official (working at the Council of Ministers, the presidential Administration, etc.) should know and use the Belarusian language,” the statement reads.
In such a way the country’s sovereignty will be reinforced for centuries, the party stresses.
The party leaders state that the party “has always backed and will back both the official languages: Belarusian and Russian”. “Every citizen has a right to speak a language they want and there shouldn’t be any limitations. It is high time we advocated for the language of our fathers,” the statement points out.
The document in Belarusian ends with the words: “Long live Belarus!”.
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