Leanid Zaika’s recipe for financial happiness

Never keep your savings in single currency, whether it be Belarusian ruble, shekel or drachm, the economist recommends.

The negative trade balance connected to a less quantity of Russian oil sold, the lack of currency influx – all the factors above have affected the Belarusian ruble exchange rate. Moreover, the Belarusian authorities have forecast wages increase provided by monetary growth, and there is every likelihood that the currency printed will weaken the Belarusian ruble more fiercely.

Leanid Zaika recommends Belarusian people to save their money in various currencies. “If the USA starts a war against Iran it will be favourable for the economy of Belarus: oil prices will rise, Belarus having more convertible currency,” the economist explains. According to him, if the actions do not begin, there will be no other way for the Belarusian authorities but to weakening the national currency for the sake of the prosperity of Belarusians. “But it is practically impossible without devaluation,” the analyst stresses noting that another devaluation is sure to influence average salary level: he expects it to rise to $300



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