Opposition picket smashed in Minsk

Policemen have arrested cameraman Aliaksandr Barasenka, photojournalists Siarhei Hryts (Associated Press) and Vasil Fiadosenka (Reuters). According to unofficial information, the crew of German TV channel ZDF has also been detained.

The activists of Zmena, a youth wing of Tell the Truth civil campaign, presented another performance devoted to the upcoming parliamentary elections. Plain cloth policemen came running up to the activists and journalists and lug them off to a bus. Pavel Vinahradau, a former political prisoner, was caught as well.

In the course of detention plain cloth policemen broke Siarhei Hryts’ glasses, the press office of the Belarusian Association of Journalists reports.

UPD The journalists were released, Pavel Vinahradau being left under arrest.



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